Memento Media is a nimble agency that combines non-profit heart with S&P 500 business drive.



We excel at extracting the good in brands, and from it, creating legacy identities with measurable successes. Our tremendous care regarding needs of clients—no matter how hyper-local or globally scaled —consistently leads to exceeded expectations.


By way of multicultural perspectives, results-driven creative and deep intentionality, we create media that values business as much as brand.


Our team’s diversity gives us the edge to strategize using boundary-banishing perspectives, while our approach is consistently flexible, personal and growth-oriented.

So bring us your brand—we’ll bring out its very best.


Steevy Solomon

Creative Lead

“New creative ideas are my favorite type of currency… With them, I’ve never met a business problem I couldn’t solve.”
Born in India and raised in Abu Dhabi, for the past 20 years Steevy has found home in the United States, where he earned a degree in Intercultural Communication. Steevy holds over 15 years of experience in business development, creative direction and marketing strategy, and has traveled from coast to coast, partnering with both non- and for-profit companies, supporting their evolution and growth. Steevy is passionate about seeing people’s lives changed by the intersection of creativity and design, plus he can tell a damn good story—in five different languages. (Oh yeah, he’s multilingual.) A strong public speaker who thrives under pressure, Steevy contributes invaluable cross-cultural insight to the Memento team on a daily basis.